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  • n. A polyester film; see PET film (biaxially oriented).


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From a trademark.


  • I put the dust jackets in mylar covers and then read the book with cover on.

    Angels' Blood Countdown: Jean Johnson - The Mage ARC

  • I have every one of the comics shown here, safely tucked away in mylar, with vapor-phase deacidification sheets between the pages.

    Boing Boing

  • But if you believe the comics industry, it's going broke selling to just the people who put their comics in mylar bags and stack them in hermetic vaults.

    Boing Boing: January 2, 2005 - January 8, 2005 Archives

  • We had one first edition hard cover that stayed in mylar on the bookshelf, but the beat up paperbacks that had been rescued were “reading copies” and would be loaned out to anyone my beloved could foist them upon.

    Obsessed « So Many Books

  • Stop wearing leather and eating meat and eggs and dairy - and stop using modern medicine and modern materials such as mylar that involve the use of animal products.

    Cute fluffy bunnies of the sea or dinner?

  • She began experimenting with weaving after a friend gave her a loom, and her explorations in textile arts soon led her to use nontraditional materials such as mylar and reel-to-reel tape.

    New Orleans Saints Central

  • A higher-tech solution would be to put lots of reflective mylar in low-earth orbit; a lower-tech solution would be to scatter lots of ping-pong balls in tropical waters; an extremely cute solution, if practicable, would be to stimulate the formation of cirrus clouds over parts of the Pacific Ocean.

    How to Fight Global Warming, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • I'll make a frame and stretch the mylar till it is taut. 3 (or 4) frames hinged togetjher so it folds flat should be large enough to sit inside and you can see out of the box while criiters looking at you should only see reflected images.

    Mirror, Mirror, On My Blind

  • I could see this dome with the mylar space blankets that act like two way mirrors.

    Mirror, Mirror, On My Blind

  • Staff members, wearing gloves, encased the scab in mylar and placed it in a plexiglass display case for the exhibit, which opened in June 2010.

    'Bizarre Bits' Exhibition Took a Strange Turn When Feds Arrived


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