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  • noun In Gregarinida, the deeper layer of the ectoplasm containing a system of contractile fibrils: contrasted with sarcocyte.
  • noun A muscle-cell; the formative cellular element of the contractile tissue of most sponges. They are of various shapes, usually slenderly fusiform with long filamentous ends.
  • noun Also myelocyte.

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  • noun a single muscle fiber cell


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myo- + -cyte, thus literally "muscle cell."


  • Corsini, A, et al. Relationship between mevalonate pathway and arterial myocyte proliferation: in vitro studies with inhibitors of HMGF-CoA reductase.

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  • The delivery results in non-myocyte cells suggest that Cav1. 2 delivery to BIN1 is independent of other myocyte-specific organelles and proteins.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • This process, which is known as calcium-induced calcium release (CICR) [12], is essential to each heartbeat and links electrical excitation of the myocyte and local calcium entry to its mechanical contraction.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • Although a mutation in the transcription factor myocyte-specific enhancer factor 2 (dmef2) also blocks the initiation of fusion, this is likely due to defects in myoblast differentiation

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • To confirm that membrane delivery of Cav1. 2 to BIN1 can occur in non-myocyte cells, we evaluated surface expression patterns of exogenous Cav1. 2 in HeLa cells expressing exogenous BIN1.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • Since Cav1. 2 delivery to BIN1 occurs in reductionist non-myocyte cell lines, we find that other myocyte-specific structures are not essential and there is an intrinsic relationship between microtubule-based Cav1. 2 delivery and its BIN1 scaffold.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • Rudy-Reil D, Lough J (2004) Avian precardiac endoderm/mesoderm induces cardiac myocyte differentiation in murine embryonic stem cells.

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  • Introduction of exogenous BIN1 forms membrane invaginations as previously reported in other non-myocyte cell types

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • In reductionist atrial myocyte and non-myocyte cell systems, BIN1 is sufficient to form membrane invaginations and distribute Cav1. 2 to these BIN1-containing membrane regions (visualized by total internal reflection microscopy, TIRFm).

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • Thereby, in the absence of other myocyte structures as well as the absence of endogenous Cav1. 2, ectopic expression of BIN1 is sufficient to concentrate surface Cav1. 2.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles


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