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  • noun Plural form of myofibril.


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  •  We learned the names of the bones making up the axial and appendicular portions of the skeleton  We considered the tissues of the bones and joints (compact bone, spongy bone, cartilage, fibrous connective tissue)  We learned the names of various muscles and how they operate when we intentionally move our bones  We can't understand how skeletal muscles contract and move the bones until we study skeletal muscles at the cellular level  A muscle cell is suited to its task because it contains contractile organelles called myofibrils

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  • Striated muscle tissue consists of bundles of fibers called fasiculi made up of long nucleated cells with myofibrils in alternating dark and light bands that give them a striped appearance.

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  • Calcium dissociation from fast skeletal troponin was slowed by CK-2017357, consistent with its activating effect on myofibrils at intermediate (but not high and low) calcium concentrations.

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  • The authors concluded that CK-2017357 selectively sensitizes the ATPase activity of skinned fast skeletal myofibrils to calcium, without significant activation of myofibrils from slow skeletal or cardiac tissue.

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  • The resulting cells form unhealthy myofibrils and progressively lose their rhythmic beating. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Desmin, a muscle-specific, intermediate filament protein common in myofibrils

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  • ALS The method of defibrilation ● Electrical defibrillation: passing an electrical current through a fibrillating heart, and causing synchronous depolarization the disorganized contracting myofibrils at once, and allowing for uniform repolarization and subsequent organized cardiac electromechanical activity.

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