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  • pro. me; used to indicate the speaker as an entity with more than one self.


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my +‎ selves, modelled on myself.


  • But when poverty forced his family to move to a grim Paris suburb, he awoke suddenly to what he called the abominable treatment meted out to all the potential "myselves" who had been conditioned to become subcitizens good only to keep working to pay for the retirements of the "real" French when the French age pyramid gets thin at the base.

    The Truth About Jihad

  • As a registered nurse, I have such compassion for you guys, believing you are in a similar predicament to myselves and collegues, facing farcical decisions by management who are far removed from the reality of day to day working as a public servant.

    The Single Measure Of Public Confidence « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • Surely some convictions and conversations still wander down familiar paths, but it seems as though I've done my best to maim myselves, growing more complete after each destruction.

    On A Highway Somewhere

  • Many times I find myselves thinking they exude all of the attributes they stereotype liberals. mike in ohio

    Talk Radio: Who is listening?

  • Ai lubs teh brocolee myselves……awlso lieks the brussel sprowts!

    “toastr is gud nap spot” you sed. - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Maybe you are speaking to one of the other "Douglas" 's inhabiting one of the nearby Multiverses, though, in which case, I can't speak for myselves.

    Artificial Life, Constraint by Design

  • I just keep dividing into endless replications, the whole bunch of myselves having identity crises and forging a lifestyle truly open to the criticism of being "all about me."

    The Success of Failure

  • It seems long to me, and I have had strange, dim dreams, and thought I was not one, but two, and that one of myselves was your sister and the other was your Coya and queen.

    The Romance of Golden Star ...

  • I went away from Via del Gambero, where the piety of the reader will seek either of myselves in vain.

    Roman Holidays, and Others

  • Do I get extra brownie points for having READ the book or shall I just talk amongst myselves???? ah i think i will also need to do an all nighter to finish the book by wed! see you there!

    London SE1 community website


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