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  • adj. mysterious
  • adj. Alternative spelling of misterioso.


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  • After six seasons, Lost ended as it began, shrouded in an aura of pronounced mysterioso, its insistence on being elusive and allusive with regard to its central mythology either endlessly beguiling or endlessly irritating.

    William Bradley: Time Slips Away for 24 and Lost in Very Different Finales

  • Our respective behaviors aren't that mysterious, and so why we don't, collectively speaking, recognize that our lack of understanding is something that happens inside ourselves and is not imposed upon us from without by some kind of "mysterioso beam" from our mates is something I don't understand.

    random things I do not understand

  • Does it, despite its self-parody of mysterioso rhetoric, somehow elevate banal games of chance like cards and dice?

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • That seems to explain most of the marking, but the 'piano board' looking ribbon of material traversing the landscape is quite mysterioso!

    Amazing and Marvelous Mars Dunes | Universe Today

  • Did N-e-1 ever find out about the mysterioso noatbook?

    Camoflauge Bunneh - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Ms. Wineapple, to her credit, acknowledges but doesn't massage the mysterioso stereotype of Dickinson as the Moth of Amherst, a fey spinster dressed in white, flitting about the family manse like a ghost.

    Emily's Ambassador

  • Please note, Enjah's last name is Mysterio–not Mysterioso, though I think she is muy mysterioso!


  • The latter are good for spook voodoo mysterioso fortune telling according to Poisson distribution of cars strumming the off-ramp vibes, traffic leaving, t-leafing, casting the auto tarot.


  • It took the "-aser" suffix, which still has some mysterioso power, even now, and added, well, what?

    Death Rays and Disintegrators

  • Smith's name has also popped up with a mysterioso sci-fi project from

    Phillies Zone


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