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  • n. See baleen whale.

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  • n. Any of the baleen whales (of suborder Mysticeti)

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  • n. Any right whale, or whalebone whale. See cetacea.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having baleen instead of teeth in the upper jaw; belonging to the Mysticete.
  • n. A suborder of Cete or Cetacea, having no teeth developed, the upper jaw being provided with baleen plates; the balænoid whales or whalebone-whales: opposed to Denticete.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

New Latin mysticētus, from Greek mustikētos, alteration of (ho) mūs to kētos, (the) whale (called) the mouse : mūs, mouse; see mūs- in Indo-European roots + kētos, whale.


  • Moving back to the morphology of the rorqual lower jaw, a tall, well-developed coronoid process – way larger than that of any other mysticete – projects from each jaw bone and forms the attachment site for a tendinous part of the temporalis muscle, termed the frontomandibular stay.

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  • They are the eight or so Balaenoptera species of the mysticete family Balaenopteridae*, all of which open their jaws wide to engulf masses of prey and possess a highly distensible throat pouch and extensible longitudinal grooves on the throat and belly.

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  • "The mysticete brain is still a land of mystery," Marino says.

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  • The morphology and systematics of (Cetacea: Mysticeti), a toothed mysticete from the Oligocene of Australia TrackBacks

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  • Even so, Mammalodon was a fairly specialized mysticete that lived about ten million years after the hypothesized time of origin for its group.

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  • Mammalodon to not only other fossil mysticete whales, but to archaeocetes such as Zygorhiza).

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  • (Interestingly, though, Fitzgerald notes that there is a collection of 34 million year old fossil whales from South Carolina that have been said to be the earliest mysticetes, yet are quite different from the basilosaurids and other mysticete whales.

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