from The Century Dictionary.

  • Myth-making; producing or tending to produce myths; suggesting or giving rise to myths. Also mythopoetic.


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  • Sometimes their fancy is almost visualisation and develops into a kind of mythopeic faculty which spins clever yarns and suggests in a sense, quite as pregnant as Froschmer asserts of all mental activity and of the universe itself, that all their life is imagination.

    Youth: Its Education, Regimen, and Hygiene

  • He and his ilk are trying to win a Darwin award for the entire human race through their backward, mythopeic, anti-science ideology.

    Huckabee Doubtful About Condom Programs For Africa

  • In spite of his recorded acts and utterances the mythopeic faculty of the peoples had given itself free scope and created a messianic democrat destined to free the lower orders, as they were called, in each state from the shackles of capitalism, legalized thraldom, and crushing taxation, and each nation from sanguinary warfare.

    The Inside Story of the Peace Conference


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