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  • n. Alternative spelling of n space.


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  • Batarangs, chemical bombs, super-strong and thin batline; gas mask, lights -- you name it, Batman has it tucked away in his n-space belt.

    Slower Than a Speeding Bullet

  • It is energy that comes from the surrounding “ether”, or residing within the “quantum sea” of n-space if you prefer.

    Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement

  • Recall that I said that the PC method was similar to plotting the n series in n dimensions and finding the plane in that n-space in which the plotted data has the highest variance?

    New Scientist on the Hockey Stick « Climate Audit

  • OLS rotates the PLS-coefficients in n-space by the matrix .

    Overfitting by Inverse Regression « Climate Audit

  • You have your n-space topography problems to finish, if I'm not mistaken.


  • Late that night I had us in n-space, with my pilot computer sniffing out the last decimal places for the first leg to Landfall.

    Time Enough For Love

  • An agent couldn't travel back and forth, nor could he use the mails -- there aren't any between us and them -- and he certainly couldn't set up an n-space communicator; that would be as conspicuous as a brass band.

    Citizen Of The Galaxy

  • Whenever Sisu was below speed-of-light, she listened with artificial senses to every disturbance in multi-space, the whisper of n-space communication or the "white" roar of a ship boosting at many gravities.

    Citizen Of The Galaxy

  • The first watch was always free from strain; even if a raider had accurate information via n-space communicator of Sisu's time of departure and destination, it was impossible in a jump of many light-years to predict the exact time and place where she would poke her nose out into rational space.

    Citizen Of The Galaxy

  • Mother, now, never grudged the expense of a long n-space message; she wanted her children on record at once -- Sisu was never slack.

    Citizen Of The Galaxy


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