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  • Having n independent modes of spread or variation.


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  • Preconditions: Specific concessions made by one party in exchange for being allowed to participate in a conference or in specific n-way meetings with other parties.

    In Fundraising Letter, Obama Attacks Hillary For "Standing Behind Bush's Policy Of Non-Engagement"

  • You set up your n-way conversation in iChat, you hit record in GarageBand, and it creates a multitrack recording of it for you with the speakers labelled.

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  • For an English example, consider a video game in which any number n of teams can compete in an n-way competition.

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  • Yet enabling the same markup on the web is an n-way street.


  • Associated Press report, C. Randal Mullett, a lobbyist for trucking firm C.n-way, said because of the new rule, some trucking routes may have to be changed, Mullett said.

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  • N-way Folder Diff differs from usual diff tools because it is possible to do n-way (upto 10 way) diff as compared to the usual 2-way diff.

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  • Model scenarios Ongoing Work • combination with other Eclipse plugins, e.g., pattern scanners • medium-term objective: support for coping with ontology changes and/or mergers within meta process model subphases • long-term objective: support of operations as needed for decentralised version management (n-way merge)

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  • Now extend that to a pool with many n-way mirrors, and you can see how this is risky and prone to error.

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  • FindBugs is an open-source static analysis tool that runs over Java code, performs deep n-way analysis to figure out all the possible code paths, and reports all sorts of errors and warnings it finds, based on a set of extensible rules.

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  • For example an n-way video conference may have to be limited to 5 to 10 people while an audio conference may hold many more.

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