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  • n. Plural form of nagging.


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  • Despite naggings to read Scott Smith's best selling novel, "The Ruins", I refused, being granted a reprieve when the film adaptation was announced.

    Kevin's Review: The Ruins «

  • After some naggings from the White House, concerned legislators finally relented to the wishes of the president, who could only express his gratitude to those who heard his pleas.

    Op Ed: Bailout Package Favors Corporate Fat Cats

  • But even these mechanical operations are nothing in comparison with the intrigues to be carried on, the pains of wounded vanity to be endured, — preferences shown by authors, parts taken away or given to others, exactions of the male actors, spite of rivals, naggings of the stage manager, struggles with journalists; all of which require another twelve hours to the day.

    A Daughter of Eve

  • Ahhh, the resurgence of nicknames, behaviors, naggings, annoyances, years after you thought they had been put to rest or at least forgotten and definitely mentioned and fought over long ago ...


  • I'd better be prepared to invite the naggings. on Sat during dinner with my WHOLE family,

    jaeaxe Diary Entry

  • With the gentle naggings of the cat, Jerome comes to realize that even in the midst of great paganism and the worship of many "lesser gods", God - the God of the Bible - is still the one true God.

    Book Review: Angelos

  • This coupled with the pressures of trying to remain pure to a vision amidst the naggings of a commercial network leaning on him eventually manifested itself in the murder of his wife, and suicide.

    Z Channel's Freeform Movie Mayhem

  • Apart from naggings from my mother to stop reading and actually start studying my chinese, im pretty much normal right now.

    yanxious Diary Entry

  • Then there are drink and anti-drink, pro and anti-missionary, and pro and anti-reciprocity-treaty parties, and various other local naggings of no interest to you.

    The Hawaiian Archipelago

  • At a small age, I was expert at ignoring the naggings of an acheing body.

    madrigle Diary Entry


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