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  • n. Alternative form of nahual.

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  • n. Among the aborigines of Mexico and the adjoining countries of Central America, a personal guardian spirit (sometimes in the form of beast or bird); a magical power. See the extract.


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  • To illustrate this I shall subjoin several series of words derived from the same radical which is at the basis of the word nagual, the series, three in number, being taken from the three radically diverse, though geographically contiguous, linguistic stocks, the Maya, the Zapotec and the Nahuatl.

    Nagualism A Study in Native American Folk-lore and History

  • \ "The Rule dictates that, from time to time, a special kind of nagual will appear in the lineages; a nagual whose energy is not divided into four parts, but instead has only three compartments.

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  • Carlos Castaneda had his teacher, a Yaqui Indian named Don Juan Matus; and Don Miguel Ruiz has his teacher, a powerful shaman in the Mexican desert and, probably more importantly, his mother, who was a curandera and his grandfather, who was a nagual (shaman), although we are not told whether his grandfather was that same "powerful shaman in the Mexican desert."

    The Four Agreements And The Mastery Of Love

  • In homage to her 10 years in another dimension, she was now known as the "nagual woman."

    The Abusive Guru: Carlos Castaneda

  • When "The Second Ring of Power" was published in 1977, readers learned that sometime between the leap into the abyss at the end of "Tales of Power" and the start of the new book, don Juan had vanished, evanescing into a ball of light and entering the nagual.

    The Abusive Guru: Carlos Castaneda

  • But six books down the line he emerges as the new nagual, don Juan's successor.

    Godfather of America's New Age movement

  • Similarly, the killing of his nagual causes the death of a Central American Indian, the killing of his bush soul causes the death of a Calabar negro, the killing of his tamaniu causes the death of a Banks Islander, and the killing of the animal in which his life is stowed away causes the death of the giant or warlock in the fairy tale.

    Chapter 67. The External Soul in Folk-Custom. § 3. The External Soul in Animals

  • Among the Indians of Guatemala and Honduras the nagual or naual is “that animate or inanimate object, generally an animal, which stands in a parallel relation to a particular man, so that the weal and woe of the man depend on the fate of the nagual.

    Chapter 67. The External Soul in Folk-Custom. § 3. The External Soul in Animals

  • ” The Indians were persuaded that the death of their nagual would entail their own.

    Chapter 67. The External Soul in Folk-Custom. § 3. The External Soul in Animals

  • In many tribes of South-Eastern Australia each sex used to regard a particular species of animals in the same way that a Central American Indian regarded his nagual, but with this difference, that whereas the Indian apparently knew the individual animal with which his life was bound up, the Australians only knew that each of their lives was bound up with some one animal of the species, but they could not say with which.

    Chapter 67. The External Soul in Folk-Custom. § 3. The External Soul in Animals


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