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  • n. Plural form of naif.


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  • Swaggert, et al. "Pastor Ted" recalls naifs like Tammy Faye Baker who get off more on the emotional adulation and gushing acceptance of their followers than on accumulating wealth and spewing hate.

    Bright Lights After Dark

  • The fact that he apparently is so trying to rely on said excuse forces me to conclude that the strain of having to interact with the national security naifs in the Democratic party establishment over the last two decades has caused Rep. Skelton to suffer a permanent degradation to his cognitive functions.

    Rep. Ike Skelton (D, MO) has forgotten all he learned once of national security. | RedState

  • I couldn't tell if they were supposed to be consciously playing the naifs or not; everyone had at least hit their mid-twenties — and obviously thought of themselves as “worldly-wise” types to no small degree — so I wasn't quite sure how to take this.


  • You paint us as oversensitive naifs whose ire is disproportionate (a product of cosseting by society,) whose sexual orientation is entirely deserving of your judgement, and who essentially call "any hurt" down upon ourselves.

    Another Message for Mr Wright

  • No naifs were fleeced in this transaction, Goldman is saying.

    Goldman responds point-by-point to SEC charges

  • The sour-pusses pass for experienced, and the group I identify are the young naifs who stand in their shadow and look up adoringly.

    Gingrich Parrots House GOP On Climate Change, Waxman Rebuts

  • That's not to say that we had previously been gullible, unquestioning naifs, but that decade started a succession of events that battered our longstanding trust in our core institutions.

    In FDR We Trust

  • To get an idea of whom I'm talking about, think of those pathetic Spartacus Youth League naifs selling newspapers on college campuses.

    Joel Epstein: Why I'm Not Singing the Metro Blue Line Blues

  • Since the overwhelming majority of American politicos are liars, frauds, and thieves – with a few naifs and terminally stupid idealists thrown in for good measure – voting for any positive program is vain, and the main value of any vote is negative and impersonal, to wit: ousting an incumbent or holding a party or a group accountable.

    The Highway Robber State « Blog

  • We're not political naifs over on the "purist" side.

    Why Obama's Support For FISA Cave-In Is Such A Downer


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