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  • n. The area underneath a nail in a human or other mammal


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nail +‎ bed


  • Do you think us fantasma? the voice of our singing nailbed! lo,  fat intenstine!

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  • The American: A color that matches the flesh of your nailbed and skin followed by a topcoat.

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  • Academy of Dermatology, people who bite their nails or pick at hangnails appear to be especially vulnerable to subungual warts because they are breaking the surface of their skin, which allows the virus to penetrate into the nailbed.

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  • The angle of the normal nail bed is 160°, with clubbing, the angle of the nailbed increases to > 180° and the base of the nail becomes spongy.

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  • It can be identified by assessing the angle of the nailbed.

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  • Toenail fungus feeds on this keratin and thrives in the nailbed.



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