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  • n. The day sacred to the saint whose name a person bears.


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  • At Tatyana's name-day party, Onegin, bored, flirts mischievously with Olga; Lensky, enraged, challenges the friend he also loves to a duel.

    A Lovestruck 'Onegin'

  • August 25, the feast of St. Louis of France, was his name-day, and kept with special festivity after he became king in 1774.

    Louis XVI and Tuberculosis

  • Skolt children received a “first tooth reindeer,” a “name-day reindeer,” and gifts on various other occasions, including wedding gifts of reindeer, so that a new household began with a small herd of the beloved animals.

    Diffusion of Innovations

  • I was born on the seventh of March and my name-day is the seventeenth.

    The Watch

  • I heard it's Natalya Petrovna's name-day next week, so they will come in for that.

    A Month in the Country

  • After the excitements of his name-day Alfredo found it hard to sleep.

    Excerpt: Tears of The Salamander by Peter Dickinson

  • There was an edge in both his parents 'voices that Alfredo didn't notice but remembered later, looking back to what had happened on his name-day.

    Excerpt: Tears of The Salamander by Peter Dickinson

  • He treated the peasants for every sort of disease with soda and castor oil, and on his name-day had a thanksgiving service in the middle of the village, and then treated the peasants to a gallon of vodka — he thought that was the thing to do.

    The Wife

  • Among the glum and intensely bored teachers who came even to the name-day party as a duty we suddenly saw a new Aphrodite risen from the waves; she walked with her arms akimbo, laughed, sang, danced ....

    The Wife

  • When one remembers that all those objects were standing in the same places and precisely in the same order when I was a little child, and used to come here to name-day parties with my mother, it is simply unbelievable that they could ever cease to exist.

    The Wife


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