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  • n. Plural form of nanodiamond.


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  • Scientists first put forward the idea that a comet was behind the extinctions after tiny crystals of carbon, known as nanodiamonds, were found in 12,900 year old sediment layers. news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph

  • Daulton and others say the nanodiamonds were the last hope for the space collison theory.

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  • Because of their size they are known as nanodiamonds and are believed to be formed in the intense heat and pressure of a meteor or comet impact.

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  • The so-called nanodiamonds are made under high-temperature, high-pressure conditions created by cosmic impacts, similar to an explosion over Tunguska in Siberia that flattened trees for miles in 1908.

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  • The wide distribution of the nanodiamonds could be a sign that the comet broke into pieces in space and that the fragments burned up explosively over a broad area of North America.

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  • Microscopic '' nanodiamonds '' produced by massive shocks and only found in meteorites or impact craters have also been discovered dating back to the disaster.

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  • Microscopic 'nanodiamonds' created in massive shocks and only found in meteorites or impact craters have also been discovered dating back to the disaster.

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  • It says that many layers of dark sediment distinctly rich in microscopic "nanodiamonds" are clustered in time and geographic location as to back the idea that a high-pressure moment of violence lofted them into the air from somewhere in the vicinity of Canada.

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  • The evidence included deformed rocks; rare microscopic "nanodiamonds"; and microscopic, perfectly round rocks called spherules, which form when molten and vaporized rock are flung into the air by a space impact and then solidify in the temporary vacuum created by the blast. News Feed

  • Black mats, megafauna extinction, and the YD may be able to be explained in ways other than invoking the comet hypothesis, but I'm not sure the nanodiamonds can be explained as easily, alhough there is some controversy over whether the kind of nanodiamonds found are what would be expected from a comet.



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