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  • adjective Describing any nanoscale process that involves the manipulation of individual molecules


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

nano- +‎ molecular


  • So researchers have been developing electrodes with a jagged nanomolecular texture, allowing them to boost surface area without increasing size.

    4 Technologies on the Brink

  • Chandler added: "We plan to further develop nanomolecular filtration technology, which is an innovative and novel means of extracting the potent anti-inflammatory fatty acids found naturally in our marine-derived extracts, and use this for our future product developments."

    Business Weekly daily news

  • Bionovate has the potential to develop future products targeted for dermatitis, asthma and oral health and which will utilise its nanomolecular filtration technology that allows the anti-inflammatory fatty acid extracts to be produced with far greater concentration.

    Business Weekly daily news

  • UCLA Engineering, in partnership with Materia, Inc., together with the Department of General Services of the city of Los Angeles (as a subcontractor), will be developing a pothole-repair technology for asphalt pavement in both warm and cold weather using an ultra-high-toughness nanomolecular resin as a reinforcement, or binder, for asphalt-aggregate pothole-repair material.

    UCLA Newsroom: UCLA Newsroom

  • The nanomolecular resin will be infiltrated, cured and hardened to form a continuous network of mechanical "cages" that will provide mechanical locking of the aggregates in the asphalt mixture, serving as a load-bearing component under repeated traffic stresses and providing compressive shear-load strength.

    UCLA Newsroom: UCLA Newsroom

  • He knew the commandant of security had simply to press the tip of the needlelike weapon into Picard’s flesh and the blade itself would complete the attack, propelling itself forward with millions of nanomolecular arms.



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