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  • n. Plural form of nanoshell.


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  • Previous studies by others suggest that gold "nanoshells" have the potential for strong near-infrared light absorption.

    EurekAlert! - Breaking News

  • Gold nanoparticles or "nanoshells" developed by James Tunnel's group at the University of Texas in Austin can be localized to cancer cells, allowing detection by fluorescence spectroscopy even when the tumors are quite small.

    Medlogs - Recent stories

  • Like fullerenes and nanoshells, nanocrystals are coated with antibodies that will steer them to diseased cells.

    Tiny Weapons With Giant Potential

  • The idea is for nanoshells to carry radioactive particles to the cancer cells and, in essence, blow them up -- a process that Nanospectra president Donald Payne likens to "a tiny, remote-controlled nuclear explosion" -- giving patients the benefits of radiation therapy without the side effects.

    Tiny Weapons With Giant Potential

  • When heated with an infrared laser, the nanoshells make the polymer melt and release their drug payload at a specific site.

    Tiny Weapons With Giant Potential

  • The nanoshells are embedded in a drug - containing polymer and injected into the body.

    Tiny Weapons With Giant Potential

  • The heat from nanoshells would cause the polymer to release a pulse of insulin.

    Tiny Weapons With Giant Potential

  • Unlike fullerenes, which are made of carbon, the slightly larger nanoshells are hollow spheres made of silica and coated with gold, giving them unique optical and conducting properties.

    Tiny Weapons With Giant Potential

  • Halas has since used her gold nanoshells to induce a complete remission in mice with colon-cancer tumors, without any recurrence of the cancer in their natural lifetimes.

    Nanotubes Blast Cancer Cells

  • Naomi Halas , a Rice University engineering and chemistry professor, showed in 2003 that she could kill cancer cells by inserting nanoshells made of gold and heating them with near infrared light to the point where they die.

    Nanotubes Blast Cancer Cells


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