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  • n. Plural form of nanotechnologist.


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  • And in fact, the nanotechnologists are a wonderful tool for the physicists, and for the biologists and for the chemists.

    Albert Fert - Interview

  • But deep-down atomic imaging techniques, such as electron microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy, are not enough for nanoengineering, because they do not provide the precise mathematical coordinates of every atom that nanotechnologists need.

    Tew's Day!

  • The tiny vibrating silicon resonators are of intense interest to nanotechnologists for the potential ability to detect bacteria, viruses, DNA and other biological molecules.

    Nanoresonator Technology is Developed | Impact Lab

  • University of California, Riverside, nanotechnologists have succeeded in controlling the color of very small particles of iron oxide suspended in water simply by applying an external magnetic field to the solution.

    July 3rd, 2007

  • Associate Professor Zhu Huai Yong, from QUT's School of Physical and Chemical Sciences said that glaziers in medieval forges were the first nanotechnologists who produced colours with gold nanoparticles of different sizes.

    RELIGION Blog |

  • It might also be useful for nanotechnologists who need to keep track of thousands or millions of tiny nanostructures.

    Molecular Computers Work as Mini ID Tags | Impact Lab

  • Now, after 30 years of research, a German team of nanotechnologists is introducing Geohumus® as an environmentally safe soil and compost additive that will enable plants to be cultivated in saline soils and deserts and poor soils to become fertile.

    New nanotechnology product will save water

  • The book was produced in association with nanotechnologists Dr. Li Yang and Dr. Karen L. Kavanagh from Simon Fraser University, and is so small that when you look at the plain sheet of polished silicon on which it is carved, you cannot see anything but the scratches laid down by the point of a diamond so that the electron microscope can navigate.

    Teeny Ted from Turnip Town: the Text « raincoaster

  • These micro-machines, which are the envy of nanotechnologists the world over, are self-directed, powerful, precise, accurate devices that are made out of strings of amino acids.

    David Bolinsky animates a cell

  • Instead of employing the traditional trial-and-error method of self-assembly that is used by nanotechnologists and which is found in nature, Torquato and his colleagues start with an exact blueprint of the nanostructure they want to build.

    The Speculist: Inching Toward a "Utility Fog"


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