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  • n. Plural form of nanotubule.


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  • Research indicates carbon nanotubules may not point the way to materials strong enough to make them possible.

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  • They coated the nanotubules with folate molecules, making it easy for them to pass into cancer cells, but unable to bind with their healthy cousins.

    Cancer-Killin' Nanotech

  • The short version, for those of you too lazy to read (and you really should), is this: microscopic synthetic rods called carbon nanotubules are inserted into cancer cells, and exposed to near-infra red light from a laser.

    Cancer-Killin' Nanotech

  • Using this steric hindrance, Yan and Liu have shown for the first time that DNA nanotubules can be specifically directed to curl into closed rings with high yield.

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  • In the January 2, 2009 issue of Science, Yan and Liu, researchers at ASU's Biodesign Institute and faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, reveal for the first time the three-dimensional character of DNA nanotubules, rings and spirals, each a few hundred thousandths the diameter of a human hair.

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  • DNA nanotubules will soon be ready to join their carbon nanotube cousins, providing flexible, resilient and manipulatable structures at the molecular level.

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  • With the assistance of Anchi Cheng and Jonanthan Brownell at the Scripps Research Institute, they have used an imaging technique known as electron cryotomography to provide the first glimpses of the elusive 3-D architecture of DNA nanotubules.

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  • Like Pak Chung Wong´s groundbreaking technique, perhaps we have got to discover a painless procedure to send our computerized bits of information from "Workstation A" by means of pheromone signaling and calcium-fluxed "Morse Code" into a diffused microbial field or biofilm of supracellular structures containing tunnelling nanotubules that can instantaneously transmit our quantum-entangled bits of information to "Workstation B."

    American Chronicle

  • Long membrane tethers between cells, known as membrane nantotubes or tunneling nanotubules, create supracellular structures that allow multiple cell bodies to act in a synchronized manner.

    American Chronicle

  • The nanotubules can withstand extreme heat and are resistant to water.

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