naphtholsulphonic love



from The Century Dictionary.

  • Noting an acid, a derivative from naphthol obtained by heating with concentrated sulphuric acid.


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  • The concentrated hot a-naphtholsulphonic acid, upon addition of sufficient formaldehyde, effervesces strongly and yields a dark brown condensation product insoluble in water, but soluble in caustic soda.

    Synthetic Tannins

  • A suspension in water of the insoluble condensation product does not precipitate gelatine. b-Naphthol, dissolved in hot concentrated sulphuric acid and heated for some time, yields the light brown, viscous b-naphtholsulphonic acid.

    Synthetic Tannins

  • The use of naphtholsulphonic and aminonaphtholsulphonic acids for the manufacture of synthetic tannins is protected by Ger.

    Synthetic Tannins

  • The concentrated b-naphtholsulphonic acid heated with formaldehyde on the water bath yields as condensation product a dark, reddish-yellow mass, soluble in water, which precipitates gelatine.

    Synthetic Tannins

  • [Greek: a] - Naphthol dissolved in hot concentrated sulphuric acid and heated for some time on the water bath, yields the light brown, water-soluble [Greek: a] - naphtholsulphonic acid.

    Synthetic Tannins


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