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  • noun One who carries out narcoterrorism.


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  • The term "narcoterrorist" is a vague and misleading label that is more of a political slig ...

    Living in Peru : News

  • Michoacan, "narcoterrorist" grenade attack case were tortured by a drug cartel or Mexican security forces into saying they were members of the Los Zetas criminal organization and that they threw the grenades that killed eight people on Mexico's Independence Day.

    The NarcoSphere -

  • Associated Press The DEA has participated in many narcoterrorist inquiries in recent years.

    Drugs and Terror Mix in Case

  • These include Haji Juma Khan—alleged to be a major Afghan supplier of opium and heroin who helped fund the Taliban—and Viktor Bout and Monzer al Kassar, alleged weapons traffickers who both were ensnared in separate sting operations that purported to supply weapons to a Colombian narcoterrorist group.

    Drugs and Terror Mix in Case

  • Colombia also had, in addition to its Medell í n and Cali cartels, the narcoterrorist FARC to contend with, something that so far has no equivalent in Mexico.

    Condescending to Mexico

  • Substantial U.S. support for Uribe's get-tough policies during the last decade has helped Colombians recover their economy and their democratic institutions, taming narcoterrorist groups by using stepped-up security measures to impose the rule of law in the country's unruly rural areas.

    Colombians Opt For Strong U.S. Ties

  • In indictments Monday, Judge Eloy Velasco accused six members of the Basque separatist-terrorist group ETA and seven members of Colombia's narcoterrorist FARC of conspiring to assassinate senior Colombian officials, including President Alvaro Uribe and predecessor Andres Pastrana, during their visits to Spain.

    Hugo Chávez and Terrorism

  • Yesterday, the Colombian government presented evidence that the narcoterrorist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, have what amounts to "summer camps" on the Venezuelan side of their common border.

    Summer Camp for Terrorists

  • Colombian authorities say his henchmen even blew a Colombian airliner out of the sky, killing 107 people and helping to earn Escobar the label of "narcoterrorist."

    Death On The Spot

  • It draws its strength less from religious zeal than from its ties to heroin smugglers, making it more akin to Colombia's narcoterrorist FARC than to Iraq's Mahdi Army.

    We're Not Losing Afghanistan


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