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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of narcoticize.
  • adj. Drugged, narcotized.


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  • And the ironic thing about this book is that what the main characters in the book are narcoticized by, or are addicted to, is danger ...

    Librarian Nancy Pearl Picks 'Under The Radar' Reads

  • And "The Lotus Eaters," of course, in Greek mythology, were those people who were so narcoticized by eating lotus leaves that they just never - a life of indolence awaited them.

    Librarian Nancy Pearl Picks 'Under The Radar' Reads

  • And the narcoticized and mesmerized (some of Baudrillard's metaphors) media-saturated consciousness is in such a state of fascination with image and spectacle that the concept of meaning itself (which depends on stable boundaries, fixed structures, shared consensus) dissolves.

    Jean Baudrillard

  • All the superleveraged IBs entered a state of narcoticized profitability at the same time, about 2004-05.

    New Jersey Real Estate Report


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