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  • v. Present participle of narrativize.


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  • Greg, I think the first two are a good example of gratuitous media narrativizing.

    Media Agrees: Hillary's Laugh Is Back

  • It is the framing, prioritizing and narrativizing of events into a format that can be retold, debated and acted on by people acting socially.

    Journalistic narcissism « BuzzMachine

  • This self-narrativizing — staging the self through dress as much as through public or highly publicized bodily acts — captured the popular imagination in ways that extended both women's public presence beyond expectation.

    Framing Romantic Dress: Mary Robinson, Princess Caroline and the Sex/Text

  • It's this resonance that caused the filmmaker to title his historical video project Histoires du cinema, indicating the tension between historical truth and cinematic narrativizing, and it's a resonance that is every bit as present in this film.

    Hélas pour moi

  • This narrativizing drive requires a tough balancing act, and Stone occasionally slips into hamfisted foreshadowing, hitting the notes too hard in establishing pivotal moments for Dubya.


  • Apparently, in the past thirty-five years, I'd become so accustomed to narrativizing myself, to experiencing my life as a story, that I could now use journals only for problem-solving and self-investigation.

    Boing Boing

  • If we can find a way to agree that the question of life's 'purpose' is ill-posed, then we can stop discussing human behaviour in terms of fanciful motivations and metaphysics, and focus instead on plain ol 'human social - and psycho-dynamics: distress, entitlement, conditioning, agreement, the almost uncontrollable narrativizing and generalizing and imaginative impulses which our shared beliefs and institutions serve to constrain and instrumentalize.

    Wax Banks

  • The narrativizing imagination does its thing, bada-bing bada-boom, and the most important works of literature in all history are centrally concerned with superbeings talking to humans and reassuring them they're (1) not alone, (2) 'in charge' of the earth, and

    Wax Banks

  • Business writing (e.g. narrativizing statistics and discerning trends)

    weblog blog blogging weblogs blogs Jobs |

  • Ultimately, fiction speaks to the narrativizing heart in all of us while gently admonishing that history has no such neatness, none of the inevitabilities of climax, resolution, and dénouement that religion or politics or art comforts us with. "

    The King of Splatter Crit Lays Down His Weapon


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