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  • n. One who studies narratology.


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  • Sometimes I worry that "narratologist" becomes a straw man, a signifier more for "dilletante humanist who knows shit about video games" rather than "practicioner of narratological methods of inquiry."

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  • Prospero, a self-proclaimed “narratologist,” has come to make the travelers immortal by writing their story. » Post Topic » The Planck Dive by Greg Egan

  • Unger to CS; “Meditation on a Line from Saint Teresa,” CIYNM, 123–125; RC to Wolff; 5-5-88; narratologist: RC to T.

    Raymond Carver

  • And, as someone who would probably be labelled as a narratologist and would deny it to his boots any assumption that others like me don't understand that dropping a model of understanding from anywhere else on games and forcing games to fit it, rather than seeing if our understanding of games can be interestingly illuminated by observations from elsewhere, is potentially galling.

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  • At this point, I have no idea whether I'm a ludologist or narratologist, and I suspect I'm not alone.

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  • I definitely concur, Tim, with your critique of “narratologist” laziness and ignorance, and I certainly endorse the idea of attending to the insights and sophistication of actual players and game designers amen, Justin!

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  • Susana Tosca smiled evilly, and declared: "I will introduce you not as a narratologist nor a ludologist, but a hedonist."

    Archive 2004-12-01

  • To win sympathy and kudos, according to at least one bad-beat narratologist, you have only to make clear how focused and intelligent you were, how high the stakes, how slim your odds of losing, how vile your opponent was and how well you command the idiom of your game.

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  • For now, we have plenty of tales to occupy the narratologist.

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  • I think we are constantly shifting between to meanings of "narrative" and hence of "narratologist"), namely: 1) The traditional Aristotelian and structuralist focus on text structure and 2) the "poststructuralist" master trope for all kinds of content, meaning, experience, and ideology.

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