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  • adv. In a narrow-minded manner.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adv. in a narrow-minded manner


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  • You behaved as narrow-mindedly as would have the society you represent.

    CHAPTER 10

  • It is a pity that so many scientists so narrow-mindedly oppose the idea that there is a God.

    Modern Science in the Bible

  • To think more deeply, if you must be selfish, then be wisely selfish, not narrow-mindedly selfish.

    Ecology & the Human Heart

  • The newfangled announcers were either too bland or narrow-mindedly aggressive, from his perspective.

    Into the Story

  • Those who narrow-mindedly vote based solely on macroeconomics under the belief that the free market will cure all lean naturally to the GOP (no matter how many studies show that Barack Obama's economic plan means less taxes for most Americans than John McCain's proposal).

    Mitchell Bard: Close Presidential Race? Don't Blame the Media, Blame the Voters

  • To dare to narrow-mindedly define ontology as “the study of what there is” therefore indicates a narrowing of the horizon and a stage of degeneration of philosophical mind horrible to contemplate.


  • This is not the time to narrow-mindedly assume any industry can replicate surface and groundwater dynamics which took millions of years create.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Bush Administration Backs Mountaintop Removal:

  • In trying to explain why golf could never have a doping scandal, players tend to focus, narrow-mindedly and without much understanding, on big-dose anabolic steroids.

    Golf, Drugs and Denial

  • Some of us would probably flinch, "eeew, serving spoon, anyone?" but culture no matter how strange is something to be studied, understood, and respected, not narrow-mindedly interpreted.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • The last letter I received from him exhorted me against writing narrow-mindedly of loving and needing him, instead of writing about great social truths the ones he was concerned with, that is.

    Various open pages on my desktop


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