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  • In zoology, catarrhine: specifically applied to the Catarrhina or Old World apes and monkeys.


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  • Weedless poppers generate more commotion than the standard narrow-nosed frog versions and may be a better choice to fish open pockets of water within the vegetation.

    How to Fish Soft Plastic Frog Baits

  • The receptionist, an American girl but with a narrow-nosed oval English face, recognized Sir Denis, announced him, and very shortly the secretary came out, an older woman, dowdily dressed in the seeming parody of a rural postmistress.


  • When his turn came, he saw the reflection of a thin-faced, narrow-nosed, pleasant-looking young man with straight brown hair.

    The Status Civilization

  • The edge is thus separated into vanes (Fig. 68), the ends of which must then be twisted round through half a right angle, with the aid of a pair of narrow-nosed pliers, care being taken to turn them all in the same direction.

    Things To Make

  • The narrow-nosed (leptorhine) white race has wavy hair with oval cross-section.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • That narrow-nosed, triangular head with its pointed fangs, those bright, cruel, undeceivable eyes, smote the trout with instant alarm.

    The Watchers of the Trails A Book of Animal Life

  • Catarrhines, the narrow-nosed apes of the Old World.

    The Evolution of Man — Volume 2

  • With most of the apes, especially the higher Catarrhines (or narrow-nosed apes), the face is mostly, or entirely, bare, or at least it has hair no longer or thicker than that of man.

    The Evolution of Man — Volume 2

  • The real question is: With advertising and media broadcasting images of thin, hairless, wrinkle-free, narrow-nosed and young, world-wide, is it possible to reverse this trend?


  • What does it mean when men and women everywhere want to be thin, hairless, wrinkle-free, narrow-nosed, and, above all, young-looking?



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