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  • adj. Describing communication systems with a smaller bandwidth than wideband.


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narrow +‎ band


  • My work with dye lasers made me aware of the exciting developments in narrowband dye lasers and their applications to atomic spectroscopy being done by Ted

    Carl E. Wieman - Autobiography

  • But the market for dial-up services, sometimes derisively called "narrowband," continues to shrink.


  • Traditional phones used with the "narrowband" PSTN (public switched telephone network) sample at a mere 8 KHz.

    VoIP News - Making VoIP Connections

  • Subscribers (B) 3 20\% 2 10\% 1 0 0\% 2007E 2008E 2009E 2010E 2011E 2012E 2. 5G and Below Subscriptions 3G and Above Subscriptions \% 3G and Above Penetration Note: 2. 5G can be compared to 'narrowband' Internet access, while 3G can be compared to 'broadband' Internet access.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • Now layer on narrowband sampling and encoding, which strips away half of the audio information, and these calls can be disasters.

    High Definition to Crash the Voice Party

  • The Republicans want to greatly narrowband America.

    Barbour: Obama, Congress 'the most liberal' ever

  • No, not “Northampton and Bath,” nor (of course) “New Brunswick,” nor “nota bene,” nor indeed “Naphthyl Butyrate,” nor (God help us) “narrowband” (a hilarious suggestion from one of our young Yale graduate students who, but for this extraordinary lapse — after all, he or she knew that I was talking about an item of handwritten correspondence dated 1854 — seems fairly bright in every other respect).


  • Mr. EHMAN: Because in order to create a narrowband signal you have to have some electronics to handle that.

    Aliens Found In Ohio? The 'Wow!' Signal

  • It is a combination of exposures taken through different narrowband filters, each designed to catch only the light coming from the glow of a given chemical element, namely hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.

    Chinese Dragon in Space! | Universe Today

  • To figure out how much of the total luminosity was missed, Hayes and his team used the FORS camera at the VLT and a custom-built narrowband filter to measure this Lyman-alpha light, following the methodology of standard Lyman-alpha surveys.

    Astronomers Find 90% More Universe! | Universe Today


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