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  • adj. superlative form of nasty: most nasty.


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  • “The nicest small children, without the slightest doubt, are those who have been fed upon fantasy,” he had written years before in the New York Times, while “the nastiest are the ones who know all the facts.”


  • I got called the nastiest names, was taunted everywhere I went, people damaged my stuff and generally made my life hell.

    Ten on Tuesday… « MeltedMoment's Weblog

  • Besides the fact that my father happens to like it, this is considered of the nastiest things on the planet made by man, so the term has migrated over to label the nastiest things found on the Internet.

    Website Hammered by Hotlinking, Spammers, and Free Loaders? « Lorelle on WordPress

  • I have already had a shot fired over my bows from a mega-mining type, not untoward but the nastiest are the most subtle.

    Toronto Star Previews AR4 « Climate Audit

  • And today ` s decision follows an incredibly ugly fight with his ex-wife that some have called the nastiest divorce battle in Hollywood.

    CNN Transcript Jun 15, 2007

  • One of the nastiest is the way in which male honour is seen as bound up with female behaviour so that any supposed compromise or scandal in what happens to women, even becoming a rape victim, justifies violence against them as well as against their abusers or seducers; hence the 'honour killings' of young girls that disfigure some societies even today.

    Temple Address: "Becoming Trustworthy: Respect and Self-Respect" Church House

  • HAMMER: Well, it has been called the nastiest custody battle in Hollywood.

    CNN Transcript Dec 16, 2005

  • It ` s been called the nastiest custody battle in Hollywood, and he revealed with honest and raw emotion how bitter the fight has been.

    CNN Transcript Dec 16, 2005

  • We do not want to take part in what Helena Rubenstein calls the nastiest business in the world, and also the most racist.

    We Do It Our Way

  • "He is called the nastiest names but finds love within him .. and if he survives, it is not by acting in a macho way."

    Latest News - Yahoo!7 News


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