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  • n. The only genus of coatimondis, of the subfamily Nasuinæ.

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  • n. coatis


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  • By the scientists of the world he is addressed as _Nasua nasua nasua_ -- which lays itself open to the twin ambiguity of stuttering Latin, or the echoes of a Princetonian football yell.

    Edge of the Jungle

  • Fauna recorded within the park include giant otter Pteronura brasiliensis (V), La Plata otter Lutra platensis, coatimundi Nasua nasua, ocelot Felis pardalis, jaguar Panthera onca, puma Felis concolor, margay Leopardus wiedii, brocket deer Mazama rufina (LR) and American tapir Tapirus terrestris (LR).

    Iguacu National Park, Brazil

  • They call it the guachi; it is, no doubt, a coati, perhaps the Viverra nasua, which I saw wild in Mexico.

    Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America, During the Year 1799-1804 — Volume 2

  • (_ictides_), the coati (_nasua_), the paradoxure (_paradoxurus_), and even the curious little teledu of Java (_mydaus_).

    Bruin The Grand Bear Hunt

  • 29 5 Coati-mundi; _Nasua n. nasua_ (Linné) 32 2 Frog; _Phyllomedusa_ sp.

    Edge of the Jungle


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