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  • adj. See under order.
  • n. See def.

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  • n. the physical universe considered as an orderly system subject to natural (not human or supernatural) laws


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  • That many of these conversions may be of a purely natural order seems to be shown by modern psychology, which offers the plausible theory of the sudden uprush into consciousness of subliminal activities set unconsciously in operation by intense, persistent longings for a change to a better, more spiritual life.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • Even though Boethius praised the life of philosophy in his De summo bono as the pursuit of speculative truth and as the worthiest life for man, we must bear in mind that these concepts are relative to the natural order of philosophy.


  • If we are unwise, illogical, unphilosophical, and out of all natural order in presenting the gospel, we have no warrant for expecting divine co-operation.

    Power From On High

  • The other difficulty consists in the twofold fact that God is represented as giving the praemotio physica in the natural order for the act of will by which the sinner embraces evil, and that He withholds the supernatural praemotio or efficacious grace which is essentially required for the performance of a salutary act.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 6: Fathers of the Church-Gregory XI

  • Such dis­ruption of their carefully nurtured natural order would have displeased the Wais, but there were none aboard to bear witness to the persistent disturbance.

    The False Mirror

  • When it became clear that, in the natural order of things, his father and mother would predecease him—and that he was not capable of performing work that required manual dexterity—he realized that becoming a Master Presenter was the only chance he had to live a dignified and independent life.

    Life Is a Series of Presentations

  • He lost sight of the balance and natural order of things and used his magic on his own people to turn them into abominations.


  • Lastly, the true form is such that it deduces the given nature from some source of being which is inherent in more natures, and which is better known in the natural order of things than the form itself.

    The New Organon

  • It belongs to the natural order Anacurdiaceas, the plants of which order generally contain resinous secretions.

    Smith's Bible Dictionary

  • His omnipresence and action, far from eliminating secondary causes, preserve each in the natural order of its efficiency-physical agents under the determination of physical law and human personality in the excercise of intelligence and freedom. the foundation of the moral order.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 11: New Mexico-Philip


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