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  • v. Alternative spelling of naturalize.

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  • v. adopt to another place
  • v. adapt (a wild plant or unclaimed land) to the environment
  • v. make more natural or lifelike
  • v. make into a citizen


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  • Nay, it may be said, the flower of all the Universe (de l'Univers) is eligible; for in these very days we, by act of Assembly, 'naturalise' the chief

    The French Revolution

  • "naturalise" them, seeing them not as magical intrusions into the natural world but as intelligible results of the workings of that world, the upshot of millennia of small variations, comparative advantages, adaptations, and thence survival.


  • Close students of how markets work will not be surprised to learn that such expertise, coupled with the notorious difficulties of persuading snowdrops to establish and naturalise, mean each tiny bulb can sell for £25 or even £30.

    In praise of … snowdrops | Editorial

  • Governor Mitt Romney mimicked Bachmann's non-position but expanded on her business-friendly caveat of wanting to naturalise highly-skilled immigrants.

    The lost cause of Newt Gingrich's immigration gambit | Rodrigo Camarena

  • The security forces have had to recruit and naturalise foreign Sunni Muslims – some of whom are decried as mercenaries – to make up the numbers.

    Bahrain: No conflict. Plenty of interest | Editorial

  • The new neuro-social-sciences are the latest of many attempts to naturalise the human---to make every aspect of our lives and selves comprehensible merely as subjects of scientific explanation.

    Jane O'Grady - Can a machine change your mind?

  • To naturalise a foreign book is to lose what is most valuable about it: the spirit of the language, the mental ethos out of which the text emerges

    40 entries from May 2007

  • The Basketball Association of the Philippines, Sama-hang Basketbol ng Pilipinas has drawn up plans to naturalise San Beda's Nigerian centre Sam Ekwe to bolster the national teams competing in future international competitions.

    Philippines offer Nigerian basketball star citizenship

  • Does no one apart from me think that not only is it sickening that our poliicians can deliberately mislead us by making out that this will affect all immigration and also that is essentially imposes a colour bar on people who wish to naturalise?

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • If she has proof of the marriage, it's not difficult to naturalise that's assuming she hasn't already if she's lived in Nigeria for over 14 years running.

    Of Death, Rights and the Future


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