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  • n. Plural form of nautilus.


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  • In richly colored paintings Ms. Judge shows readers ages 5-12 some of what they found: nautiluses and octopuses, lizards and kiwis, "okapis from the Congo, capybaras from Colombia, and marabou storks."

    When Imagination Blasts Into Orbit

  • Hundreds of fossils are locked in glass cases, specimens from all over southern Africa: shells and worms and nautiluses and seed ferns and trilobites, and minerals, too; yellow-green crystals and gleaming clusters of quartz; mosquitoes in drops of amber; scheelite, wulfenite.

    Memory Wall

  • Ammonites were creatures with flat shells that had a regular, helically-spiraled shape, that existed on Earth in prehistoric times, having evolved from nautiluses.

    Ammonite Fossil Papercraft | Papercraft Paradise | PaperCrafts | Paper Models | Card Models

  • Therefore, the common notion is that nautiluses are living fossils, perhaps near the end of their evolutionary journey.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • The idea of nautiluses as living fossils now has to be rejected...

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • This new assessment derives from recent research that has shown that there are actually more extant species of nautiluses than were formerly realized.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • If people want to have two monospecific genera of extant nautiloid Nautilus and Allonautilus to highlight the distinctiveness of the two species, I guess I don't really care, but there really isn't much known genetic diversity out there among extant nautiluses other than that seen between scrobiculatus and pompilius.

    Nautilus: still evolving after 500 million years

  • “They are nautiluses!” cried Surgeon Balmain, exasperated.

    Morgan’s Run

  • Still, for my part, I should have preferred fair weather, bright skies, and plenty of nautiluses and flying-fish.

    A Jolly Fellowship

  • He enjoyed the deep blue color of the sea; he went into ecstasies over the beautiful little nautiluses that sailed along by the ship; he watched with wild delight the porpoises that followed close by our side, and fairly shouted when a big fellow would spring into the air, or shoot along just under the surface, as if he had a steam-engine in his tail.

    A Jolly Fellowship


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