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  • n. naval militarism

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  • n. The predominance of naval interests; the excessive strengthening of naval power.


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From naval +‎ -ism


  • The kaiser, like the heads of state of all the great powers, had been reading the works of a retired American admiral named Alfred Thayer Mahan, who in the late nineteenth century preached a doctrine known as navalism: roughly, that the key to national greatness was to control the sea with large battle fleets.

    Sea of Thunder

  • Yet commerce continues to support Imperialism, and although the original reason for this support is no longer valid, it is still, unconsciously perhaps but very methodically, serving its own interests by this support, in so far as Imperialism involves militarism (or "navalism") and so leads to the probability of war.

    The World in Chains Some Aspects of War and Trade

  • They guaranteed to any Germans who wanted peace that there would be protection against British "navalism," against the threatened Allied economic boycott, as well as a chance of the return of the conquered colonies.

    Woodrow Wilson and the World War A Chronicle of Our Own Times.

  • In spite of the demands of im - perialism and navalism, there were fewer than 27,000 such officers — a quarter of the number of physi - cians — in a population of nearly 130,000,000 in 1938.


  • Conscription was a menace in Quebec to the man who had failed to estimate the jack-boot menace in Germany, but who had not failed to oppose the idea that navalism in England was as bad as militarism anywhere.

    The Masques of Ottawa

  • He has not repudiated the correctness of the report, which stated that he dilated on the danger of British navalism, and declared that we must give up singing

    The World in Chains Some Aspects of War and Trade

  • I fear that the American people as a whole have visualized only slightly, if at all, the real peril involved in this contingency; but I cannot feel otherwise than sure that soon they must awake to the great danger that militarism and navalism may be imposed upon them through no fault of their own.

    The New York Times Current History of the European War, Vol. 1, January 9, 1915 What Americans Say to Europe

  • For it will be admitted that any settlement or international agreement, which leaves the claims of militarism and navalism upon the vital and financial resources of the several nations unimpaired, affords little hope of a pacific future.

    The Unity of Civilization

  • Thus the motives for imperialism and navalism in Japan are very similar to those that have prevailed in England.

    The Problem of China

  • Germany's militarism, England's navalism, Russia's autocracy, France, graft-ridden in high places and struggling for rehabilitation after a century of war -- and, underneath it all, bearing it on bent shoulders, men like this German prisoner, alone in his room and puzzling it out!

    Kings, Queens and Pawns An American Woman at the Front


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