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  • n. the political party founded in Germany in 1919 and brought to power by Hitler in 1933


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  • Its the many and varied and often misgiuded so called childrens and gay rights groups and our governments who use or to use the proper word abuse children to set theit minority agenda on the minority or in the case of the government to rob parents of their rights in order to advance their political control a control similar to that used by fundamentalist clerics and the nazi party.

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  • In this particular reality, the nazi party was triumphant, and the current world is ruled by the nazi party.

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  • WHAT A COINCIDENCE! all you israeli supporters go on about israel being wiped off the map, what about palestine its already been wiped off the map, look in an atlas theres no such thing anymore. also the Torah forbids a jewish state, so u cant really talk, zionism doesnt represent judaism, they dont even follow there own book. give the land back and jews, muslim n christians will live happy amongst each other like they did for 2000 years h suicide bombs on bus and schools gasing kurdseach other burning and raping and pillaging villages are you delusional Doesn't Nasrallah and hezzbollah tv compare jews to rats how many times must a neighbor throw rocks at your house befor you do something about it. hamas is a political party with an army just like the nazi party. the nazi's did good things for the german people mtoo. hamas bears resposibility for storing arms in schools mosques and firing from shelters. try non voilent ways



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