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  • n. An idle, self-indulgent, worthless person; a good-for-nothing


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Contraction of never do well


  • George brought his ne're-do-well son around this morning and asked me to find the kid a job.

    Observations on clouds

  • Just a ne're-do-well who is passionate about the books and wanted to make certain that this adaptation was going to live up to my very high standards.

    Will Daenerys be in the pilot?

  • Symantec's Security Response blog has some interesting information on how a ne're-do-well can use the Zeus toolkit to create their very own string of the overall botnet at www.

    Technology Technology

  • The name Kneber simply refers to a particular group of zombie computers, far flung and infected - also known as a "botnet" - under the control of one ne're-do-well owner or group.

    Technology Technology

  • VANCOUVER - The actor who portrayed the ne're-do-well cousin Eddie in the National Top Stories

  • VANCOUVER -- Randy Quaid, the actor who portrayed the ne're-do-well cousin Eddie in the Top Stories

  • If not, you and this arrogant, gray-haired ne're-do-well should rush off and join any of several churches where rantings like that from this poor nun are becoming more and more commonplace.

    National Catholic Reporter

  • In this nightmare, I find myself running naked through some fog-bound tianguis hounded by countless ne're-do-well Mexican merchants, able-bodied beggars and restaurateurs holding glasses of tap water and all loudly demanding that I, the filthy-rich gringo, hand over all of my spare centavos immediately and I keep telling them that I am generous to a fault but have already given all of my centavos to other Mexicans who are truly deserving and not out to overcharge me because they think I am some gringo sucker who just got off the turnip truck and, besides, as anyone can see, I am naked and have no centavos on me because Soriana took my change and gave it to some underachieving campesino school without my permission and then these fiends are upon me and clawing at me and, thank God, at that point I always awake in a cold sweat and race to my vault where I can see for myself that all of my Mexican Centavo collection is safely tucked away there but I know that I am doomed to relive this nightmare as long as I live in Mexico.

    Please keep your hands out of my pockets.


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