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  • n. Alternative form of near-field.
  • adj. Alternative form of near-field.


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  • People seem to think that a nearfield monitor should 'sound' good.

    The NS10 reborn: Yamaha just couldn't resist...

  • The Touch project is a three year research project lead by Timo Arnall investigating the importance of touch and gesture in nearfield and RFID based technologies.

    Techno//Marketer - Matt Dickman on Digital Marketing and Social Technology

  • DescriptionThe Studiophile BX5a Deluxe nearfield studio reference monitors from M-Audio provide excellent sound quality in a compact and affordable design. - Today's Deals

  • Sequerra's newest transducers-a self-amplified nearfield speaker and matching subwoofer designed for Internet music listening-remain in prototype form; he hopes to sell or license the designs rather than manufacture and market them himself.

    Stereophile RSS Feed

  • A two-page spread in one PMC brochure features an endorsement by Fluid Mastering partners Nick Watson and Tim Debney, both formerly of Townhouse, a name familiar to vinyl enthusiasts who spend their spare time perusing the dead wax surrounding the labels of LPs: in the photo, perched atop their mixing desk, is a pair of DB1 is being used as nearfield monitors.

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  • Following the tremendous success of the Recoil line, the new RX5 Upfire is an isolation platform that features a 10° upfire angle making it ideal for post production studios where nearfield monitors are typically positioned on the desk surface and need to be aimed up, towards the listener.

    Harmony Central

  • Based upon Focal proprietary driver technology, the new CMS 65 and CMS50 are two new active nearfield studio monitors that offers outstanding performance and exceptional versatility in a price segment that rarely sees any breakthrough innovation.

    Harmony Central

  • / nearfield clipping, Object culling, camera lenses, advanced normalmap tools, billboard mesh objects as well as a new Bezierpatch tool for modeling smooth surfaces.

    Flash Magazine

  • The compact S2X nearfield monitor utilizes a HexaCone 7 ", X-ART tweeter and A/B amplifier combination to produce a powerful balanced sound with surprisingly deep bass for a smaller enclosure.

    MacMusic - News


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