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  • noun Plural form of neatherd.


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  • There will be dancers, painters, sculptors, musicians, cooks, barbers, tire-women, nurses, artists; swineherds and neatherds too for the animals, and physicians to cure the disorders of which luxury is the source.

    The Republic by Plato ; translated by Benjamin Jowett

  • Yet even if we add neatherds, shepherds, and other herdsmen, in order that our husbandmen may have oxen to plough with, and builders as well as husbandmen may have draught cattle, and curriers and weavers fleeces and hides — still our State will not be very large.

    The Republic by Plato ; translated by Benjamin Jowett

  • When they saw our neatherds, riders on horseback, women cooking over wood fires, they swallowed easily enough an explanation that we English preferred as much open-air simplicity of life as possible; it was an ideal of their own.

    The High Crusade

  • When his companions were found, and his ship refitted, he bent his course toward Ithăca, where arriving, and having put on the habit of a beggar, he went to his neatherds, with whom he found his son Telemachus, and with them went home in disguise.

    Roman Antiquities, and Ancient Mythology For Classical Schools (2nd ed)

  • Telemachus and the neatherds, to whom he had discovered himself, he killed Antinŏus, and the other princes who were competitors for her favor.

    Roman Antiquities, and Ancient Mythology For Classical Schools (2nd ed)

  • The rods are taken round by the neatherds to the farmers, and one is given to each -- two to rich proprietors; they are to be used, when spring comes, to drive out the cattle for the first time.

    Christmas in Ritual and Tradition, Christian and Pagan

  • The labourers of Dombes and the neatherds of Belmont swore that they themselves would be of more avail than a girl against the ferocious beast, and they exclaimed as they stroked the muscles on their arms,

    Penguin Island

  • For many years Orberosia bestowed her favours upon neatherds and shepherds, whom she thought equal to the gods.

    Penguin Island

  • So just for the fun of the thing, and to amuse themselves at the Rat's expense, the neatherds loosed the buffalo's halter and began to tie it to the little animal's tail.

    Tales of the Punjab

  • By and by he came to where some neatherds were herding their cattle.

    Tales of the Punjab


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