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  • noun Plural form of nebulosity.


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  • In their turn, again, these rings of cosmical matter, excited by a rotary motion about the central mass, would have been broken up and decomposed into secondary nebulosities, that is to say, into planets.

    From the Earth to the Moon

  • The top arc of its prostrate base reached a thousand feet or more up the precipitous wall; above it all was hidden in sparkling nebulosities that were like still clouds of greenly glimmering fire-flies.

    The Metal Monster

  • Whence came these sparkling nebulosities, these mists of light?

    The Metal Monster

  • Faces were rose nebulosities, memories with the fuzzy quality of dream.

    The Heirs of Babylon

  • This is the more true since nebulosities in space hide numbers of stars until one chances fairly close to them.

    The High Crusade

  • No one, who has not been stultified by theological nebulosities, ought to fail to know, as we knew when we first began to go to school, that a blind man cannot see anything at all.

    Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 07, May 14, 1870

  • Existence, to follow out the argument, is not always painted in shadow, its horizon obscured by dark-tinted nebulosities!

    She and I, Volume 2 A Love Story. A Life History.

  • In some cases we see the nebulosity edgewise, or along the equatorial planes of the stellar vortices; in others we look down the poles, and the nebulosities are circular, and there is an endless variety in the shape and intensity of this light.

    Outlines of a Mechanical Theory of Storms Containing the True Law of Lunar Influence

  • The anomalies in their motions, the discrepancies in their periods, calculated from different sets of observations, their nebulosities and appendages, will all receive a satisfactory solution; and these lawless wanderers of the deep be placed in a more interesting light.

    Outlines of a Mechanical Theory of Storms Containing the True Law of Lunar Influence

  • A few of these nebulosities can be seen with the telescope but most of them are shown only in photographs.

    Photographing the Sky


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