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  • v. Present participle of necessitate.


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  • I've had moments of chagrin necessitating some quick thinking.

    The Healthy Barmaid, the New Minister of Health

  • The Soviet side transmitted its messages in Russian, and the Americans in English, necessitating skilled translators at both ends.

    The Sum of all Fears

  • The studio is also reportedly in "enforced crunch mode through to the end of the project," necessitating "14 - 16 hour work days, six or seven days a week."

    GameSpot's News, Screenshots, Movies, Reviews, Previews, Downloads, and Features

  • Action will be transparent, not behind "closed doors" necessitating "opening hearts" to bring all in harmony toward a resolution based on "listening to each other" and "seeking common ground."

    Pacific Free Press - Hard Truths for Hard Times - Progressive opinion, dissident news

  • One thing which, by the way, slowed the tide, was the high failure rate of Middle Class, suburban schools with their wealthy, influential and voting parents, so Bush's law might even be considered a failure based upon his own intentions because highly, segregated and wealthy white suburban America wasn't supposed to fall under the NCLB gauntlet of sanctions, but did, thus "necessitating" the shredding of regulations and repeated grant of waivers to States and Districts by Paige and his successor Margaret Spellings. Main RSS Feed

  • Moore here is arguing that because Hank Paulson actually had to beg the House majority leader for $700 billion in no-strings-attached money to bail out his buddies, and because Neel Kashkari got "yelled at" for unilaterally changing the TARP mission in defiance of congressional orders (and for refusing to provide congress with information about where TARP money went and how he chose whom to give it to), and because former Goldman banker Ed Liddy evoked popular anger for using public money to shell out bonuses to the very department of AIG that bet $450 billion without having a dime to cover it ( "necessitating" the bailout), that all of this somehow is proof that Goldman does not "have the kind of hive mind that conrols everything." Main RSS Feed

  • Just when Jason regained enough strength of character to turn down Jessica for the sake of his friendship with Hoyt, he got caught in the crossfire of Pam's shoulder-mounted assault on the shop, necessitating yet another vampire-blood transfusion.

    True Blood Episode Recap: "Soul of Fire"

  • The wind was kicking up the fresh snow that had fallen earlier in the day, necessitating those working at this site to wear goggles.

    Star Trek: Typhon Pact Paths of Disharmony

  • The existing equipment had overloaded on each occasion it was tested, necessitating the deactivation of the entire collection process until the issue could be resolved.

    Star Trek: Typhon Pact Paths of Disharmony

  • In all, the town is probably about two miles long, maybe a bit longer, with a narrow, rocky beach (small palm-sized rocks) necessitating shoes for walking.

    Peachland: A Sweet Place to Be « Colleen Anderson


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