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  • noun The act of necessitating or making necessary; the state of being made necessary; compulsion. Hobbes, Liberty and Necessity.

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  • noun Necessity, understood as a logical or other philosophical principle, or as a law or force of nature.


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  • This is the principle stating that, if a formula A is logically valid, i.e., a logical truth, then its necessitation, that is, the formula obtained by prefixing to it a box or necessity operator, is logically valid, too.

    Impossible Worlds

  • A law is a second-order relation of nomic necessitation (N, for short) holding among two or more first-order properties.

    A New Weapon Against Freedom and ID: Volksverhetzung

  • By necessitation, it follows that K (p ˆ§ ¬Kp) is necessarily false.

    Fitch's Paradox of Knowability

  • The problem seems to be that the supervenience definition of physicalism in effect presupposes something like Hume's dictum, in that it uses failure of necessitation as a test for distinctness.


  • As we saw in section 3.4, the Second Analogy of Experience, if true, guarantees both the objectivity and the universal diachronic or temporally successive causal necessitation of objects of experience and all of their parts under natural laws.

    Kant's Theory of Judgment

  • Why, though, should we suppose that this necessitation thesis (that if one trope is fully constituted by another trope, then it necessarily is) is true?

    Moral Non-Naturalism

  • Shafer-Landau, however, wants to appeal to constitution rather than identity (this is a departure from Robb), and this makes it very unclear why we should accept the analogous necessitation thesis.

    Moral Non-Naturalism

  • While it is still a program or a complete concept, on Leibniz's view, that does imply determination or necessitation.

    Leibniz's Modal Metaphysics

  • But honestly, I think a higher emphasis should be placed on the instituting of green practices energy usage reduction, etc rather than the development of green technologies and the necessitation of a stronger regulatory environment for the green movement to succeed.

    Both candidates tout "Clean Coal" -- but it doesn't exist! | The Greenwash Brigade | Marketplace from American Public Media

  • Al-GhazālÄ«'s target is the “Aristotelian philosopher”, exemplified by Avicenna, who affirms strict causal necessitation relations between creaturely causes and their effects.



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