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  • n. A gorget.


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  • And what about those neck-collar thingies like in some 80′s Arnie Schwarzenegger film, where they get their heads blown off if they are off-side? on November 27, 2009 at 2: 31 pm Not surprised anymore

    Be Carefull What You Wish For « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • The only other marks are a broad neck-collar of vivid crimson, and a few delicate white touches on the outer margins of the hind wings.

    The Malay Archipelago

  • The razor edge of Elven steel slipped in between the steel shoulder guard and the steel neck-collar of his enemy's armor, sinking through bearskin vest, chain armor, flesh, and bone, to sever his attacker's arm cleanly at the joint.

    The Outstretched Shadow

  • The apparent leader also wore a neck-collar and chestpiece that looked as if it had been derived from armor some time in the far distant past.

    Storm Breaking

  • And these men were no serfs, as was shown by the respectability of their appearance, and the absence of the brazen neck-collar which marked the slave.

    One Snowy Night Long ago at Oxford

  • An iron neck-collar was hanging in one of these cells.

    Les Miserables, Volume V, Jean Valjean

  • My manner enforced conviction and he ordered my neck-collar to be taken off, my window to be unclosed, my doors to be left open two hours every day, a stove to be put in my dungeon, finer linen for my shirts, and paper to amuse myself by writing my thoughts.

    The Life and Adventures of Baron Trenck, Volume 2

  • study, and survey birds, we photograph them, we leg-band, color-band, neck-collar, and radio-tag them to track their daily movements, we use radar to track their seasonal migrations, and we erect surveillance cameras to watch and record their most intimate behaviors.

    Birders as Voyeurs


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