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  • v. Present participle of necklace.
  • n. A method of informal execution in which a rubber tyre is filled with petrol, placed around the victim's chest and arms, and set on fire.


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  • HB points to "necklacing" - I suppose to pretend that the ANC dealt as ruthlessly with its political opponents as Hamas does - but this was a very short-lived phenomenon, that was loudly denounced by the ANC leadership, even if briefly supported by the shrill farrago that is Winnie Mandela.

    Harry's Place

  • States and other African countries to denounce the so-called necklacing inside South Africa.


  • Even the horrific, apartheid-era practice of "necklacing" – in which ANC sympathizers placed tires doused in gasoline around the necks of suspected collaborators and set them aflame – returned.

    South Africa's Immigration Shame

  • OR thought the presence of many among this leadership at the Harare International Conference on Children provided us with a good opportunity to communicate the message that the entirety of our movement had to intervene to stop the 'necklacing'.

    ANC Today

  • At the ANC Headquarters in Lusaka, we had discussed the urgent need to call on the masses of our people firmly to repudiate the practice of 'necklacing'.

    ANC Today

  • Professor Asmal is correct that Oliver Tambo wanted the 'necklacing' to stop, driven by the humanism of our struggle and the need to ensure that this struggle did not turn our people into blood-thirsty and mindless brutes with no respect for human life and human dignity.

    ANC Today

  • Considering the importance of OR's statement on 'necklacing', Helen Suzman sought to have this statement published.

    ANC Today

  • Cynically, Botha preferred that the 'necklacing' should continue.

    ANC Today

  • This would give the apartheid regime the possibility, with charred human bodies as evidence, further to demonise especially the ANC and the United Democratic Front (UDF), falsely attributing the unacceptable practice of 'necklacing' to them!

    ANC Today

  • There was silence when (OR) spoke movingly about violence by the regime and then, about 'necklacing'.

    ANC Today


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