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  • n. A strap worn around the neck for carrying something.


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neck +‎ strap


  • The iRiver N11 is an update of the iRiver N10 neckstrap flash player.

    iPod killers for Christmas: II

  • I half suspect them to be part of a conspiracy against women: the elastic neckstrap makes the name badge hit at the maximally awkward and unflattering height for those in possession of breasts.

    Ferule & Fescue

  • I haven't been wearing my own badge because I forgot to pack one of the nicer badge-holders that I've collected over the years--one with a pin or a clip or at least a longer neckstrap--and I hate the cheap stringy elastic holders they give out here.

    Ferule & Fescue

  • Of course, since Zach has a Pocket PC with wireless ethernet the size of an Apple Newton Messagepad on a neckstrap like a really big harmonica and is online possibly more than I am, I got that answer back in about ten minutes - A+ for response time, C for attitude.

    when bagpipers go bad

  • Alessandro, with as much hope of dominating the situation as a virgin in a troop ship, hung grimly on to the neckstrap and appeared to be praying.


  • At first, I didn't add any kind of handle or strap, but I quickly realised that was a mistake - so therefore I went to my all-kinds-of-stuff-drawer, and found a nice piece of ribbon, which I added as a neckstrap.

    Blogbot - forsiden

  • Heck, My EP 635 (630 with neckstrap) has way better bass than it. RSS Feed - Daily Deals

  • I was just wondering how those cheap Quick release neoprene neckstrap from ebay can hold my

    News: Digital Photography Review (

  • With voice dial, vibrating caller alert and a micro usb neckstrap, the lightweight (1/2 ounce/ 16 grams), V12 Bluetooth headset is the full featured Bluetooth headset at an affordable price. - Business News

  • What I'm considering now is just bringing a regular daypack, probably my Camelbak, and purchasing a hand strap like the one by Opteka so I can keep my camera close without having it bounce around on a neckstrap or dangling inconveniently from my shoulder.

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