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  • adj. Wearing a necktie.


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necktie +‎ -ed


  • Every day was a new day to him, while for me and the bulk of this island's necktied population every day was the same day it had been the day before, and the day before that.

    Under the Buttonwood Tree (Excerpt)

  • As for Monteith, he of course remains fully clothed -- even fully buttoned-up and necktied in some pictures, for heaven's sake.

    The cast of 'Glee': Too racy in GQ?

  • I'd take note of the decidedly Rovian ad-pushes in the still crimson-necktied North Carolina and other potential swing states.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • There are the photographs of the town council meeting of Wallkill, N.Y., the original venue for the concert, the men dark-suited and necktied like a gaggle of John Erlichman clones.

    Sacred Cash Cow at 40

  • I have before me a "youth survey" conducted in 1965, the golden age of the clipboard-clutching, narrow necktied pollster.

    This Year's Role Model

  • It was a cartoonish scene of survival, the lifeboats filled with apologists, every necktied politician shrugging his shoulders high on the swells of an overblown metaphor, but "whether it will bring real reform is hard to say."

    Mail Call

  • And how the girls afterwards blessed that loud-necktied, check-suited man!

    The Outdoor Girls in the Saddle Or, The Girl Miner of Gold Run

  • What in the world could sensible women like his mother and Enid Royce find to admire in this purring, white-necktied fellow?

    III. Book Two: Enid

  • All the noted campaign speakers assigned to our town were invited to be the Markleys 'guests, and Mrs. Markley sent her husband, red necktied, high-hatted and tailor-made, to the train to meet the distinguished guest.

    In Our Town

  • As the light fell mercilessly upon it, the general, white-haired, white-necktied, clean-shaven, and lean-faced, gazed at the portrait for a long time, and then said to his son Neal who stood beside him, "And Samson wist not that the Lord had departed from him."

    A Certain Rich Man


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