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  • n. Plural form of necrophile.


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  • Not a watered-down daemon lover that sparkles by daylight, not necrophilia dressed up as bloodless romance for necrophiles who would rather not admit what gets them hot and bothered (though, it should also be noted that, if Eli is to be believed, she's not actually dead).

    Pictures That Move, and Pictures That Have Ceased Moving

  • There are critics that say some of the titles published by authors that include the likes of serial killers, necrophiles and Satanists consist of subjects considered taboo in a civilized society and should never be printed.

    Anthony Papa: Is Adam Parfrey Really the Most Dangerous Publisher in America?

  • “You are a butch biker to me, you know, riding into town to take over leadership of the sadists and necrophiles.”


  • As soon as TS people are classed as paraphiliacs like sadists or necrophiles, they're hosed.

    Transsexual Causation, the American Psychiatric Association, and Interpol

  • For extra cash, Ab sells the freshly deceased to necrophiles.

    REVIEW: 334 by Thomas M. Disch

  • WoW would immediately become the haven for necrophiles (Forsaken sex!) and furries (Tauren WuBz0rz!)

    Sex 101

  • Both of them used a ruse and both of them were murderers first, looking down with revulsion upon any hint that they were rapists, even though both were necrophiles and sexual offenders.

    The Riverman

  • Pender shook his head sharply, as if to clear it of a quarter century of serial killers—the rippers, ghouls, collectors, and necrophiles that comprised his all.

    Fear Itself

  • Therein we find, as John Anthony West has explained in Serpent in the Sky, his meditation on the Sacred Science of the Pharaohs, 'priest-bound necrophiles … worshipping a grotesque pantheon of animal-headed gods.'

    TV: The Mummy's Curse

  • First, it is Mr. West and his friends, not the Egyptologists, who sneer pejoratively at "primitive, muddle-headed necrophiles" with their "animistic, incoherent religion."

    The Secrets of the Pyramids


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