from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun A transverse floor-beam of a bridge, resting, according to the construction of the bridge, on the chord or the girders; also, a crosspiece in a queen-post truss, serving to support a floor.
  • noun In car-building, a transverse timber placed between the bolsters, beneath the longitudinal sills and floor-timbers, to which it is bolted.


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  • He was fast, faster than was reasonable, but he couldn't outrun a needle-beam.

    The I Inside

  • Rhodan reached into the pocket of his suit and took out a small needle-beam raygun.

    Starless Realm

  • A minute's work with needle-beam, tractors, and pressor sufficed to cut the two smaller ships apart and to dispose of the Nhalian's magnets and cables.

    Masters Of The Vortex

  • Each had a needle-beam projector in the nose, not too much armament when you hunted the Borthudian dragons.

    Agent Of The Terran Empire

  • The needle-beam pistol spun from his hand and slithered across the floor as Wayne fell under the impact of the heavy body.

    The Judas Valley

  • He unlocked the cell door and, equally politely, drew a needle-beam pistol.

    The Judas Valley

  • Wayne thumbed his own needle-beam pistol up to full and fired hastily at the distant figure.

    The Judas Valley

  • A space boot came into view around a big rock, and Wayne aimed his needle-beam at the spot where the man's head would appear.

    The Judas Valley

  • The medic's fingers tightened on the needle-beam, and managed to pull the trigger.

    The Judas Valley

  • He grabbed the needle-beam pistol from the collapsing man's limp hand and had the other three men covered before the slugged medic had finished sagging to the floor.

    The Judas Valley


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