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  • n. someone who is resigned to defeat without offering positive suggestions
  • n. someone who refuses to do what is asked or does the opposite of what is asked


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  • You know, another thought I'm having is that I frequently encounter a sort of "negativist peer pressure" that comes from people who are close to one another.

    Dru Blood - I believe in the inherent goodness of all beings: February 2006 Archives

  • But he replied to me "My dear Peter, nobody would want to be an illogical negativist."

    Is Austrian Economics Heterodox Economics? - The Austrian Economists

  • Imbued with the righteous moral fervor of a revolutionary, the negativist — to introduce a new literary type — is more persuasive than the encomiast, who tends to resort to the bland, formulaic language of praise.

    James Atlas on Disparagement

  • Because you've voiced your frustration at the way the poor leadership of Tulsa's establishment has damaged our city's beauty, history, safety, and economic viability, you are disqualified for reasons of being a naysayer, a grump, a negativist, from voicing your opinion on city policy.

    BatesLine: November 2005 Archives

  • He turned into a misanthrope and an angry negativist, into a dim cynic and a sadist, who was unable to have any feeling of compassion at the death of a sailor, and took pleasure in torturing a shark.


  • From The Atlantic's Fiction Issue: Imbued with the righteous moral fervor of a revolutionary, the negativist -to introduce a new literary type- is more pesuasive than the encomiast, who tends to resort to the bland formulaic language of praise.

    Take THAT Mr McSweegee

  • Republicans traditionally were a negativist party, a party that was used to being out of power, a party that was used to being cynical and sniping at the government.

    CNN Transcript Jun 6, 2004

  • But I'm not painting an absolutely negativist picture of the current art scene.

    American Visions: The Epic History of Art in America

  • Yet it is that very willingness to go beyond what is acceptable, to behave in the literary equivalent of a boorish, pushing manner, that makes for the great negativist.

    In Praise of Dispraise

  • He had on his side the one component essential to the negativist: the facts.

    In Praise of Dispraise


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