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  • n. Plural form of negatron.


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  • 1 I wish none of them any harm, but the recent silence of our negatrons is an unalloyed blessing and a pure delight.

    NY Daily News

  • But the energy died quickly; the negatrons lived only long enough to go five hundred paces and no more.

    The Keeper

  • I wonder what our negatrons would be writing if the team was about to start two raw rookies -- a C drafted on the 6th round and a RG drafted in Round 1 -- unproven players who, thanks to the new CBA, will have just a few weeks of limited-intensity training camp under their belts?

    NY Daily News

  • The individual nucleons are in turn composed of a dynamic lattice of positrons and negatrons (nuclear state electrons) evidently much larger than Rutherford's claim.


  • Sensors were blinded, but Jim’s unnerved imagination told him well enough what any observer would see: the Enterprise blasting out of nowhere, blazing brighter than any comet, as free-floating atoms and the electrons of the shields themselves were so fiercely excited by the warp-nine dump that they shattered completely in a hail of photons and negatrons and other bremsstrahlung radiation.


  • It has neutrons and negatrons in the nuclei, and positrons in orbit outside. "

    The Other Side Of Nowhere


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