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  • n. Plural form of negawatt.


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  • But researchers now talk about 'smart grids' and 'negawatts' - expressions that were current at the Nov. 26-27 conference in the German capital of Berlin on the 'Smart Revolution of Electricity Management'.

    Global Issues News Headlines

  • Here's how they're going about doing it -- it's all about selling "negawatts" instead of megawatts.

    Bill Chameides: The Smart Grid Is a Happening Thing

  • In the critical area of "negawatts," for instance, the president proposes a sweeping expansion in energy efficiency, with $500 million in credit subsidies to support $3 to $5 billion in loan guarantees for efficiency and renewable energy projects.

    Mike Signer: Let There Be Light! Obama's Budget Delivers on Energy

  • Coastal Restoration's waterless urinals, on the other hand, could eliminate demand for 10 megawatts of power - what some call 10 'negawatts' of energy - and reduce the amount wastewater produced in the region by 50 MGD.

    Steve Fleischli: Getting More Out of the Men's Room

  • A nationwide push to save "negawatts" instead of building more megawatts could help reverse our unsustainable increases in energy-hogging and carbon-spewing while creating a slew of jobs and saving a load of cash. Top Stories

  • You seem to persist in missing my points, which are first, that a "healthy proportion" is not enough - we need to replace (including "negawatts") ALL fossil fueled generation, and second, that some ways of implementing renewables, such as covering over large areas of land with solar thermal generation, aren't healthy.


  • Buying micropower and "negawatts" [Lovins 'term for efficiency measures] instead of nuclear gives you about 2 to 11 times more carbon reduction per dollar, and you get it much faster.

    MoJo Blogs and Articles

  • Unused watts of electricity from efficiency measures, or "negawatts", are often championed as the most efficient way to replace coal-powered electricity generation.

    BNET Articles

  • And if you as a community are able to do this, and hit the "number" we need, we'll sell the energy you save (negawatts) on the spot market, and share the profits with you.


  • Jason Schneider The saved energy, or "negawatts," produced by the new programs can be an effective substitute for firing up power plants, potentially reducing the need for suppliers to build costly generating facilities that are used only on the hottest or coldest of days.

    Money for Nothing


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