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  • adverb In a manner that can be negotiated.


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negotiable +‎ -ly


  • A bureaucrat simply lacks the non negotiably necessary entrepreneurial risk taking mindset.

    Public Transit and Public Choice, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Good theory; actually women are non negotiably averse to being the main bread winner and there is no prospect of the house – husband leaving the pages of fiction.

    Mutley , A Philosopher For Our Time

  • Stacey Dash from Clueless and that doofus Chris Knight (now in his second pop cultural resurrection, the reality of which officially and non-negotiably drops him back six or seven places into the realm of K-list has-beens).

    Chez Pazienza: American Idiots

  • If the president agrees to these non-negotiable terms then the Democratic congress will agree to funding the war without benchmarks or accountability as "non-negotiably" demanded by shrub.

    Horses Mouth April 10, 2007 11:59 AM

  • We had a period of "fits" last fall with Nick, who's 9, and they were all about things he really likes to do but just didn't want to at the moment (like go to tae kwon do) or knows he has to do, non-negotiably, but still resists on principle (like take a shower).

    The Cultural Construction of Pre-Adolescence

  • God's own witness to, God's 'owning' of, the cross as the place he has made uniquely his place is part of what makes glory visible (which is why Ramsey could never have managed to settle for a mental, internalised account of the resurrection; its witness is again as non-negotiably mysterious as any other moment in the material world).

    Addresses given to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Archbishop Michael Ramsey: I. Theology in the Face of Christ

  • Ramsey's theology of God's glory is nothing if not a powerfully interruptive scheme in which to understand what is, incomprehensibly and non-negotiably, before you, you must change and abandon what you thought you grasped.

    Ramsey Lecture - Durham - 'The Lutheran Catholic'

  • Nor are they stabbed by knives (glances, yes); if they die at all, they expire of causes no more heavily definite than, comme on dit, something sociosomatic, assuming that in any very much more coarsely corporeal sense than the psychological they for that matter have in the first place "lived" at all, if to live is to be negotiably up to whatever it is that Europeans ...

    The Atlantic | July/August 2001 | Mark Twain's Reconstruction | Blount Jr.

  • In the 19th century and all the centuries before, theater was intense, immediate, and non-negotiably real.

    Chicago Reader

  • The main one I've written about before is the situation where one partner in a deeply tangled relationship turns off the tap on sex - unilaterally, non-negotiably, and permanently.

    The Blowfish Blog


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